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wine decanter eisch glas claret

Product Information:

  • Height : 219mm 8 5/8″
  • Capacity : 1.5 Litres
  • Diameter at widest part : 220mm

Item Description

Eisch Glas Claret Decanter – This is a hand-crafted, crystal glass decanter manufactured in Bavaria in Germany by Eisch Glas. – When wine is poured, the NO DROP EFFECT almost completely prevents the formation of drops at the rim of the glass.

Item Reviews

One Response to “wine decanter eisch glas claret”

  1. A. LOWE says:

    beautifully designed product and very good value.

    The none drip lip is ok but it is possible to to find the odd drip.

    Getting the last of the wine out is a skill, it can easily catch you out and you may miss the glass completely! Even when not drunk!

    Despite these little gripes the decanter and the accessories are well worth what is a modest investment.

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