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Bar Craft Stainless Steel Glass Decanter Set with Accessories

Product Information:

  • Help bring out the flavour of your favourite wine
  • Ideal for red wine
  • Perfect for wine connoisseurs and amateurs
  • Hand wash only

Item Description

Drinking wine is an art form; unlike other alcoholic beverages, wine isn’t something that you just throw back. When great amounts of time are spent in maturing wine, it is only proper that you should take the time to savour the variety of flavours that are contained within.The Wine Decanter Set from the ever trusted Bar Craft range has been put together to offer wine fans more than just the average wine decanter. If you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your wine, you will need to do more than simply pouring it into any old container.Including a special Decanting Funnel favoured by wine connoisseurs, you are provided with an extra level of filtering to further ensure your wine releases its fullest aromas and flavours. Once your wine has been transferred to the glass decanter, the process can begin. Any sediment not caught by the funnel will separate to the bottom and the wide bowl will ensure that only the pure wine will pour out into your glass.When it’s time to clean out your decanter, ready for the next bottle of wine, a useful drying stand is provided which helps you position the decanter upside down to aid drying.Make sure you’ve got the most out of your wine before you’ve even taken the first sip, and your wine tasting will be enhanced every time.

Item Reviews

5 Responses to “Bar Craft Stainless Steel Glass Decanter Set with Accessories”

  1. Scruff says:

    Like many others, I have been toying with the idea of a decanter for ages. I finally decided to bite the bullet, and buy one.

    I chose this one, as it comes with the drying stand, and appeals to my sense of aesthetics. The funnel was a bonus, and at the price it all seemed a bargain.

    The first thing I noticed on unpacking was that it needed a good clean, but that can be forgiven. After all, if you buy glasses from a supermarket you clean them before using them don’t you?

    An it works. Simple as that. Why it took me so long to buy I don’t know, and I really wish I’d done so sooner. It makes such a difference to the enjoyment of the wine. I now even decant table wine, it makes that much difference.

    The drying stand really is a very useful addition, and the funnel helps to ensure the wine goes into the decanter, not down the outside, or all over the kitchen counter. I have no idea if it helps to aerate the wine as claimed, and I think the mesh is a bit large to catch any sediment.

    Overall, a lovely addition to my growing wine hobby, well made, (I found no flaws with the glass), and with a couple of nice accessories thrown in. And at a price that is terrific value for money.

  2. Mrs. Maire PA Hall says:

    The idea is great but the decanter is not very good quality as it has bubbles and flaws in the glass.I was given a replacement but even that was not very good quality.Okay for oneself but not really for a gift.

  3. A. M. Mcvicar says:

    I really enjoy drinking a good wine and had been thinking about buying a decanter for a while now and spent a while shopping around as didn’t have a lot of money to spend. Then I found this, it’s a really nice decanter. Excellent price, great for someone like me who’s never used a decanter before and comes with the cool gadgets making taking care of my decanter way more easier. The decanter itself is not the finest qualilty crystal however, very good value for money for the price.

    If you like a good wine then this is the thing for you – it MASSIVELY improves the flavour of the wine and looks much nicer on the dining table when enjoying a meal instead of just pouring wine from the bottle.

  4. Mr. L. Oxley says:

    I’ve been drinking wine for years and never bothered with a decanter. I wasn’t sure just how much it would affect the wine so didn’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on a fancy crystal decanter.

    Now I have, I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner! It really makes a big difference, giving the wine a smoother, fuller flavour, taking away any acid type sharpness that can accompany a newly opened bottle. It’ll never make a bad wine taste good but boy it really enhances the drinking pleasure of even a reasonable wine.

    There’s not much to say about the decanter itself. At this price it obviously isn’t the best quality crystal but it looks okay and most importantly, does the job. The dryer is a handy item that I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of buying but works well. I’m not sure what impact the filter and pourer have, I’ve not tried it without using it and not sure I’ll risk it as it certainly makes an easy job of pouring the wine into the decanter. The stand for the pourer is also a handy addition that again I wouldn’t necesarily have thought of.

    All in all, an excellent introduction to decanting, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

  5. Mr. M. Woods says:

    Perfect for wine decanting with 1.5 litre capacity so wine can breathe and release. The kit makes it easy to use and clean.

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